Gigadron – Thermo-Hydraulics 

The World’s most powerful Green Energy Technology.

Power Stations to Commercial, Domestic Units, Transport Air, Sea & Land. 

Replaces all motive power, at 1/40th Cost & Size – includes Diesel / Gasoline Engines, Nuclear, Wind, Tidal / Wave Power, Gas, Bio & Fracking.
Geo, Hot Dessert Air Heat provides abundant Electricity, Air Con & Fresh Water
100% Safe Gig VTOL Airliners no runways, supplant noisy, fatal dovetail jet engines. 

 Gig Autos don’t need diesel/petrol engines are 60% cheaper & give 300mpg.

Gigadron Direct Four Wheel Drive for automobiles

  Regenerative braking stored in accumulator on each wheel.
Hydraulic Accumulator returns energy when accelerating.
High start torque up 40°slope with hydraulic pressure alone
No gearbox, starter motor, engine, clutch, radiator or fan.
Gigadron Hydraulic Motors are so quiet they cannot be heard.
Gigadrons complement on diesel fuel in cold temperatures with up to 300mpg.
Gig VTOL Airliner flight tests in a years time won’t need runways.

  • Crash proof Gig VTOL Airliners in a years time won’t need runways.
  • Crash prone, hazardous turbojet airliners face a ban – it’s inevitable.

 100% safe Gig VTOL Airliner land and take-off without a runway.          Gig VTOL Airliners are 100% crash proof and pilot error proof. 

Gig VTOL Airliners are fitted with GASP – Guardian Angel Self Protect Devices.
Crash Proximity Sensors detect imminent crash,  plane stops and hovers in sky.
GASP  is terrorist proof – it stops deliberate (or error) crash of plane into a building.  
No current turbojet airliner can stop and hover in sky.
Air crews and passengers will not fly any more in runway landing turbojet airliners.
1100 air fatalities, and 130 air crashes yearly – 90% pilot error on take-off and landing.

For more info click here Gig VTOL Airliners Page

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Breaking AWG and Hydro-Electricity News
AWG – Atmospheric Water Generator – a Save the Planet Invention
Gig AWGs harvest heat & water from hot desert air  Heat harvested from hot desert air is converted hydraulically into electricity.
By-products include clean, fresh,  drinking water & air-conditioning.            

Typical  GigHydro-Electric Desert Hot Air Powered Green City. 

Thousands of Deserts Cities to welcome unemployed, stateless & starving   

Deserts change into lush green pastures, with fruit, vegetables, crops,  lakes, & fish,
air-conditioned homes, office blocks, supermarkets, shops & industry, with abundant employment,
Lush prosperity by desert cities adopting a 
tax free “Collateralism Economy“.

Self Sufficient GigAWGHydro-ElectricBuilding in Hot Desert 
Green units shown supply drinking water, electricity & air conditioning
Gig Hydro-Electric Heat Pumps & Gig AWGs – Source – hot desert air.

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             A Gigadron with four double acting pistons in each cylinder 
Click arrow to start animation            

Video of Working Prototype Inside Parts  click white arrow to start 

The Gigadron is the only hydraulic machine that:-

a. can instantly change from motor to pump mode
b. can instantly change direction of rotation without modification,
c. can swap inlet & outlet modes without modification,
d. is provided with a through power shaft accessible on opposite sides,
e. has four double acting pistons in each cylinder.
most power plants have only one single acting piston in each cylinder.

 Video of first working prototype of Gigadron motor. 


The through power shaft can change rotation without modification.   

New Gigadrons use Michael’s Lateral Action Frictionless
High Speed, High Pressure Rotor Seal

High Speed, High Pressure, Frictionless LatAct Rotor Seal
High Speed – 3500 rpm, Sealing Pressure – 360 bar
yet simpler & cheaper than radial seals
invented for high pressure Gigadron hydraulic motor & pump
Patent GB2460353B was Granted in 21 weeks – a world record.
Click here for YouTube Videos of How It Works, Pres Tests – 360bar @ 3500rpm & 364 bar .
Click on Picture Below for Video on How it Works 
3D Section View of Test Body for 2″ dia Rotor
High Speed, High Pressure, Frictionless LatAct Rotor Seal 
Exploded view of LatAct Crankshaft seal
GIGADRON  TECHNOLOGIES  –  a multi-trillion dollar business to benefit mankind & the planet.
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